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Great Dane helps put assaliant behind bars

A Chicago-area Great Dane did a great deed for a teen in need, the Chicago Tribune reports.

According to the news outlet, less than two weeks ago that Agustin Zamora Jr. noticed a young girl being attacked outside of his Logan Square home. Determined to help the victim, he ran out into the cold weather and called for his 160-pound canine, Scooby, to follow him.

The four and two-legged duo chased the assailant into an alley way, where the fearless pooch used his intimidating growl to keep the attacker from escaping. Zamora believes this may be why he was able to call authorities and have the suspect arrested.

"I use to call him Barry White when he was a puppy because his bark was so deep," Zamora told the news provider.

It looks as though most people in the area aren't surprised that Scooby was able to take command of the situation when he was needed.

"He's a marvelous-looking dog," neighbor Pat Treacy told the news outlet. "You remember him. And he would keep somebody at bay."

According to, Great Danes can be extremely gentle, and usually only become aggressive when faced with danger. 
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