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GreaterGood 2012 grants underwrite hours of therapy and research

St. David'sIn 2012, stepped up its support of programs providing services for families coping with autism. Recipients of these grants include National Autism Association, Lekotek International, and Autism Speaks.

Grants to Lekotek and National Austism Association helped underwrite programs providing play therapy, speech therapy, behavior therapy, and other learning experiences for children with autism reach new levels of development.

Grants to Austism Speak focused research into possible causes, effective treatment, and greater understanding of autism. 

In August,'s launched a new Gift That Gives More to help St. David's Center for Child & Family Development provide for children with severe autism.

GreaterGood Network’s retail websites provided 2,186 hours of autism research and therapy while the “Click Here To Give” program at The Autism Site funded 2,379 hours of therapy for children with autism.

All of’s donations to charity exceeded $2.6 million in 2012.


With one click... help children living with autism. The Autism Site
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