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Guide dog allows high school handler to run

Many children and teens develop a close relationship and deep bond with their family pets, but for Sami Stoner, a 16-year-old from Ohio, the relationship allows her to break records and push boundaries, MSNBC reports.

That is because her dog, Chloe, works full time to guide the teen, who is legally blind. The partnership allows Stoner to run cross country this season, which may make her the state's first high school athlete to compete with an animal, the news source reports.

The golden retriever puppy was welcomed by the Stoner family in August, allowing the teen to enter her junior year of high school and her third year on the cross country team with no worries. In the past, she was able to run thanks to a senior who guided her, but after the girl graduated, Stoner was concerned she wouldn't be able to compete.

"I don't run for time or place or anything, I just run because I love it, and I’m glad I can share my love of running with Chloe now," Stoner, a Lexington High School student who is on the junior varsity cross country team, told the publication. "I love having Chloe. She’s helped me so much." 
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