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Helping Women Achieve Economic Success

Friendship Bridge provides women like Karina Walesca Tomin a chance to build a better a life for themselves, their families, and their community. 

Although orphaned at a young age and married at 19, Tomin was determined to overcome her lack of education and start her own business.

Her tortilla business grew, and so did her dreams. She added fresh orange juice to her stand to increase sales.

However, a lack of credit limited what she could. She couldn’t afford to buy corn and firewood in bulk. Her juicer broke.

In March of 2013, Karina joined the Flor Chimalteca Trust Bank and applied to Friendship Bridge for a Microcredit Plus loan of $256. That small loan made it possible for her to buy a new juicer, several bushels of corn, and stacks of firewood.  "There are other companies that offer loans, but I liked the way Friendship Bridge works.  They clearly explained interest rates, administrative payments, monthly payments and they offer trainings as part of the loan!" said Tomin.

Recently Tomin was elected the president of her Trust Bank and will help other women acquire credit and then pay back their loans. "It is a big responsibility but also a big opportunity,” she said “This role in the Friendship Bridge Trust Bank allows me to develop myself as a woman and businesswoman." supports charities like Friendship Bridge, who work to create sustainable solutions to hunger and poverty, through the Gifts That Give More program at The Hunger Site.

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