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Hibernating bears can heal without scars, infection

Few humans have not felt a hint of jealousy of bears because of their natural tendency to hibernate all winter long. New research gives the human species yet another reason to envy sleeping bears - they seem to heal without scars or infections, according to International Business Times TV.

Medical researchers and zoologists from the universities of Minnesota, Wyoming and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources worked together to track 1,000 black bears over 25 years. They found that despite a reduced body temperature, heart rate and metabolism during their seven-month hibernation period each winter, the bears healed from a number of injuries almost perfectly.

Many of the bears suffered gunshot wounds or bite marks from another predator, and the injuries seemed to be infected or inflamed in early winter. However, the scientists found that most wounds had completely healed without a trace, whether or not they had been given antibiotics or other treatments, according to BBC News.

While this finding is interesting to help animals, it also has implications for human medicine, the news outlet reports. Medical researchers hope to use the findings to improve treatments for slow-healing or infection-prone wounds in malnourished, diabetic or senior patients. 
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