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Hidden cameras catch shots of endangered rhinos, raising hope

The Javan rhino is nearing extinction - environmentalists estimated that there were only 40 of the creatures left in the wild. However, hidden cameras in the jungle recently caught site of two adult rhinos walking with two calves, causing the experts to raise their estimate of the number of Javan rhinos living in their natural environment to 50, according to The AFP.

The two adults were caught on film in November and December of last year. They were caught by hidden cameras in the rhino sanctuary on Java island, a spokesperson from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) told the news source. The footage suggests that the animals are successfully breeding.

“This is fantastic news because before these camera trap images surfaced, only 12 other Javan rhino births were recorded in past decades,” WWF program chief Adhi Hariyadi told the news organization.

The rhinos became endangered primarily because of poaching. Traditional Chinese medicine often touted the benefits of the horn of the rhino, which would be ground into powder. However, there is no proof that the substance has any medicinal value.

The International Rhino Foundation is working to expand the Javan rhinos’ habitat, and is currently seeking donations in the endeavor.
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