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Horses hold a special place in one young woman's heart

Victoria Horton is a walking horse encyclopedia according to her mother, Pandy. Her desire to help animals knows no bounds and it is apparent in her work with a horse rescue farm. reports that the college sophomore has been volunteering at the Idyll Acres Ranch, a horse rescue farm near her home in Georgia. She had been a fixture on the property since she started volunteering in ninth grade, and has even made financial contributions to the rescue organization out of her own pocket.

"I've always had a soft spot in my heart for animals," she told the news source. "Now it has been magnified. This has opened my eyes and made an imprint on my life."

Horton has helped foster at least a dozen horses and assisted with daily duties like cleaning the stalls, grooming the manes and tails of the majestic creatures and making sure they have enough food and water. She hopes to attend law school and become an animal rights attorney.

Equine therapy programs have shown to have positive physical and psychological affects on humans with a range of mental and physical conditions.
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