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House cat mothers three wild infant bobcats

When a hunter in Florida found three infant bobcats alone in the woods, he brought them to a nearby veterinarian, who eventually found a home for the furry felines at Big Cat Rescue, an animal rescue agency in Tampa, according to the LA Times.

The experts at the organization realized that the tiny kittens, who hadn't yet opened their eyes, needed another cat to take care of them.

But, instead of wrangling a maternal bobcat in from the wild, the agency located a house cat named Bobbi in the nearby Suncoast Animal League. Bobbi's six kittens had just begun to eat solid food, and she was able to nurse the three wild cats, the news source reports.

Staffers told the news provider that Bobbi took to the teeny furballs as soon as she was introduced to them.

How sweet! We hope that when the kittens are old enough Bobbi finds a loving home.

If you're considering adopting a feline friend, stop by your local animal rescue shelter to meet and interact with all of the available cats and kittens.
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