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House star Lisa Edelstein adopts rescue dogs

Actress Lisa Edelstein, star of House, recently revealed that she prefers dogs over puppies, and when the last of her rescue dogs passed away at the age of 18, she was ready to adopt again.

The told that she chose to rescue two canines who were already a year old, missing out on the mischievous puppy phase.

"They're fantastic and really well-adjusted, gorgeous little boys," she told the news source. "I decided to go with the shed-less dogs just because I had five shedding animals in my house for 17 years, and felt I earned a round of not shedding."

Edelstein also told the new provider that she feels comfortable leaving her pooches home alone while at work, partly because there are no dogs allowed on the set, but she said they'd much rather stay at home and relax all day.

According to the Human Society, more than six to eight million animals are cared for by rescue shelters every year in the U.S.
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