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How to help your dog age gracefully

Just like their human counterparts, animals often need extra attention as they age. According to the Sun Herald, pet parents can take many steps to ensure their furry friend is comfortable during their golden years.

First and foremost, people should pay attention to their dogs and cats and look for any differences in their eating, sleeping or bathroom habits.

"Be observant of any changes and go see your veterinarian to rule out any developing conditions," the news outlet reports.

Also, owners should make sure they visit their veterinarian twice a year as their four-legged companion gets older. Like all illnesses, early detection is key.

Finally, pet parents should remember to make their home senior-friendly.

"Smaller dogs may have trouble jumping onto or off of furniture, and larger dogs may have trouble getting in and out of cars," the news source reports.

According to, small breed dogs live about 1.5 times longer than large ones. Also, female pups are expected to live a year or two longer than males. 
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