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Humane Society offers way to adopt pets for less money

Sometimes, pet adoption can cost a lot of money. It is a great thing to want to do a good deed and rescue an animal that might otherwise be euthanized. However, sometimes adoption costs and the fees associated with spaying and neutering can make people hesitate.

Pet lovers who live near the Carroll County Animal Shelter can now bring home a cute dog or cat at half the usual cost. The Humane Society is joining the Carroll County Animal Shelter in offering discounted fees. The adopted animals are all spayed and neutered as well.

“You cannot get a pet, take it to the vet and get all this done for $20 or $40,” Teresa Leslie, the new president of the local Humane Society, told the news source.

There are more than 93 million cats and 77 million dogs who have homes in the U.S. Animal adoption can cost up to $115 and $95 for dogs and cats, according to the news source. However, such partnerships as the one between the Humane Society and Carroll County, make it easier to welcome a pet.
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