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Humantarian efforts continue in Horn of Africa

Since July 2011, Mercy Corps has helped 1.6 million people in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia survive the region's worst drought in sixty years. At times, their staff has had to flee bombings or other armed conflict (as shown in this video), but they remain committed to their work and have returned to rebuild.

Mercy Corps' current programs in the Horn of Africa are rebuilding resources so families and communities can emerge more independent and better able to provide for themselves.  For those in Somalia, Mercy Corps continues to work with refugees displaced by armed conflict as well as the drought,  seeking ways for them to safely return to their homes and rebuild their livelihoods.

Mercy Corps estimates that more than eight million people across the Horn of Africa are still in need of emergency assistance. One third of Somalia’s population – 2.51 million people – are currently in acute humanitarian crisis, including more than 323,000 acutely malnourished children. supports Mercy Corps ongoing efforts through the "Click Here To Give" program at The Hunger Site and Gifts That Give More [tm].

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