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In ironic move, animal rescue shelter wants to buy Michael Vick's house

An animal rescue group called Dogs Deserve Better wants to buy the former property of football player Michael Vick, who used his home as a compound for illegal dog fighting, reports NBC Sports.

Football player Michael Vick's old property, a 15-acre estate with a five-bedroom house, has been on the market for the past few years, though buyers have avoided it because of its history.

However, the founder of Dogs Deserve Better sees an opportunity for "symbolism" in buying the unwanted property and turning it into an animal rescue sanctuary, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

"When something of this nature happens it’s kind of a collective hurt on the entire nation — especially the dog lovers of the nation," Tamira Thayne, founder of Dogs Deserve Better, told the news source. "It’s almost like you’re powerless against this evil that’s come along. When you step back and take over this property’re empowering yourself."

Michael Vick was indicted and jailed on federal dog fighting charges in 2007. He has since been given another chance at football with the Philadelphia Eagles and has recently been named NFL's comeback player of the year, according to ESPN.
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