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Increase in animal rescue efforts likely due to networking

Greater networking on the part of animal rescue groups can result in more successful animal adoption and greater numbers of pets being taken into new homes, according to a report from the TriValley Central.

Kaye Dickson is the director of the Pinal County Animal Care and Control organization. She spoke out about the group's goals and hopes for animal adoption, spaying and neutering.

"Once we've established the rescue group’s credentials and someone comes in that wants to rescue an animal, we require that they have the animal spayed or neutered," Dickson told the news source. "They all have to have rabies shots. They can wait on our vet, and the fee is $9, or they have to take them to get a rabies shot within 48 hours after leaving our shelter."

Spaying and neutering can significantly decrease the problem of animal overpopulation, according to the Humane Society.
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