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Incredible canine shows off 1,000-word vocabulary

You may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but you can certainly increase one border collie's vocabulary.

According to the Daily Mail, for the past three years the dog, named Chaser, has worked with psychologists Alliston Reid and John Pilley. The professionals have now taught the canine more than 1,000 words and have proven she thoroughly understands them.

"We worked with Chaser for four to five hours each day testing her on the words over and over again and were able to establish that she could remember and distinguish between them all," Reid told the news outlet.

To prove their point, Reid and Pilley made a video where they asked Chaser to grab certain toys with very specific names. The incredible pooch got the challenge right each and every time.

Reid admits that the researchers hope this proves to people that dogs may be capable of learning more than we believe.

According to, border collies may be the smartest dog breed living today. They are followed by poodles and German shepherds, respectively.
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