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Indian locals rescue elephant from ditch

A young male elephant fell into a ditch on a tea plantation in India recently but was not injured thanks to the help of concerned local residents, The Telegraph reports.

Officials reported that the calf appeared to be about 4 or 5 years old and was crossing the plantation with its herd in the northeastern region of Assam. Local villagers told the news outlet that the calf's mother tried unsuccessfully to help her calf out of the ditch.

Residents and forest rangers worked with an animal welfare volunteer to rescue the elephant. They tried to dig the elephant a way out - even employing an excavator - until the animal had enough room to roll over on its feet and stand up. Once standing, the calf ran to reunite with its mother and was unharmed, according to Anil Deka, from the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

More elephants are wandering onto human settlements because of widespread deforestation in India, the news source reports. This has caused food scarcity, forcing elephants to wander further in search of food, The Huffington Post reports. 
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