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Indiana animal rescue shelter working to reunite pets after tornado

The recent tornadoes in the southeast and midwest United States left many people injured and displaced, but their pets have suffered from the natural disasters, too. Now animal rescue organizations in the area are working to rescue pets and reunite them with owners, the News and Tribune reports.

The J.B. Ogle Animal Shelter in Jeffersonville, Indiana, recently told the news outlet that they are holding as many as 25 animals that have been found in the aftermath of the tornadoes. In addition to taking in pets that were lost in the chaos of the recent storms, the shelter is also caring for pets of people who lost their homes.

"A couple of people have relinquished their pets because they felt like they didn’t have the resources to take care of them anymore. I hate to hear that," shelter director Sarah Green told the publication. "And I've heard some people don't want to go to emergency shelters because they can't take their pets with them. I definitely, more than anything else, want people to know not to do that. We have the resources to help."

Meanwhile, disaster relief is coming in spurts. The Washington Post reports that The Federal Emergency Manafgement Agency (FEMA) is planning to partner with the Corporation for National and Community Service to form a new disaster response corps. 
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