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Japan bans late-night animal sales to help animals sleep

The Japan Environment Ministry recently announced that pet stores can no longer sell puppies and kittens after 8 p.m. because it causes them improper sleeping cycles, The Yomiuri Shimbun reports.

Many pet stores in large cities remain open after midnight in order to attract customers who walk by after their shift at an eating or drinking establishment. However, experts say that puppies and kittens need at least 12 hours of sleep each day and the bright lights, people knocking on windows and drunken customers who poke and prod them may disrupt this. This interruption of sleep can make the animals prone to illness or agitation.

As early as June next year, the ministry will prohibit the sale of kittens and puppies after 8 p.m. by revising the Animal Protection Law this month, the news source reports.

In the U.S., several shops have decided to close earlier or prohibit the selling of live animals past a certain hour to prevent people who have been drinking from making a decision they will regret in the morning. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is trying to ban all puppy sales at pet shops to end the inhumane puppy mill business. 
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