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June is a busy month for animal rescue workers

Part of the reason why June is "Adopt a Cat Month" is due to the abundance of animals that enter local rescue shelters around this time of the year, according to a recent report from Oregon Live.

Many animal rescue centers see a surge in the number of pets that come in who are in need of adoption.

"We more than double what we have in the shelter during the busiest parts of the kitten season, having up to 250 moms and kittens in foster care," Kristi Brooks, operations manager at Cat Adoption Team, told the news source.

One way that pet owners can help lessen the burden on animal rescue centers is to make sure that pets are spayed and neutered. Last year, the Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland performed more than 5,700 surgeries to spay and neuter pets.

About 63 percent of American households are pet owners, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. The National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy also reports that approximately 63 percent of pets were received at low-cost or for free. Animal rescue shelters are a great source for first-time animal owners, and adopting a pet can help lessen the burden of animal overpopulation.
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