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Kansas high school student campaigns for animal rights

One brave high school student has waged a battle against school officials, all in the name of animal rights, KSN News reports.

Whitney Hillman, who had enrolled in a Livestock and Poultry class at Concordia High School in Kansas, was given a chicken as part of the syllabus. However, when Hillman discovered what would eventually happen to her animal, she was appalled.

"I thought it was incredibly wrong that we were just going to raise a bunch of chickens just to slaughter them and for no purpose," Whitney told the news outlet.

After failing to get permission to leave the class, Whitney forged a plan. It was then that the courageous young woman decided to save her chicken, whom she affectionately named Chicklet.

"I came into school with a rather large purse and a plan to steal my chicken," she told the news outlet.

Hillman was given an in-school suspension, but her efforts may have been worth the punishment - Chicklet is now resting comfortably on her cousin's farm.

According to, every year 9 million chickens are raised and killed by the meat industry in the United States.
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