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Katrina Bowden helps animals who help us

Katrina Bowden is best known as the ditzy darling on NBC's hit comedy 30 Rock, but when it comes to animal rights, it looks as though she's one smart cookie.

The stunning starlet stopped by PETCO in New York City's Union Square in order to give $5,000 to National Guide Dog Awareness Month, according to The donation was made on behalf of the pet store and Natural Balance Pet Foods.

"I'm a huge pet lover, so when they reached out to me to help with this, I was excited to be part of such a great cause," she told the news outlet. "I was kind of stunned at the statistics of how much it costs to train a guide dog, and how many years it takes."

National Guide Dog Awareness Month takes place every September and was created in order to raise awareness for the animals that increase the standard of living for those who cannot see.

Bowden isn't the only celebrity who is lending her efforts for the cause. In fact, actress Nicollette Sheridan is the official spokeswoman for the fundraiser. 
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