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Katrina survivors try to reunite with their lost pets

The victory of the New Orleans Saints at last night's Super Bowl has turned the spotlight on the Big Easy and the progress that has been made in rebuilding the demolished city after Hurricane Katrina hit nearly five years ago.

Though the main focus of the relief efforts was to help survivors find shelter and begin rebuilding their lives, many individuals were concerned for the pets who had been lost or abandoned when the disaster hit.

Because pet owners in New Orleans were forced to hand their dog or cat over to animal rescue shelters, there were several court cases involving the families who had adopted the rescue animals and the original owners, according to the Times-Picayune.

Filmmaker Geralyn Pezanoski recently profiled a group of people who were struggling to reunite with their pets in the documentary "Mine." In the film, Pezanoskite tells the story of both the individuals who were searching for their pet, and the families that had adopted them.

"A lot of people also have this thought, 'I would never leave my pet,'" Pezanoski told the news source. "What I realized is that it really is a privileged place to say that, to say you wouldn't leave your pets."
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