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Keeping pets of seniors out of shelters

When faced with the often-overwhelming task of caring for an ailing or elderly person, many caregivers must also face the decision of what to do with a senior's pet. Many worry that the quality of care for the animal is suffering, or that it is too much responsibility for seniors whose health is worse than it used to be.

However, bringing a pet to an already-overcrowded shelter is not necessarily the answer, according to There are options to avoid adding to the burden that most animal rescue leagues face while still allowing the senior to enjoy the benefits of having a pet.

These benefits are great - according to the Journal of American Geriatrics, evidence has shown that pets can be a source of benefits for the emotional and physical wellbeing of a senior citizen, Florida Today reports.

"The last thing you want to go is take pets away," veterinarian Dr. Annie Price told "People live longer when they are around animals - and are happier when they have that bond."

Instead of heading to the shelter, caregivers can hire a pet sitter or work out plans with family, friends and neighbors to check on the senior and the pet from time to time, the news source suggests. 
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