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Kelli Pickler adopts new dog

Kellie Pickler, who just got engaged to songwriter Kyle Jacobs, is certainly in love with her hubby-to-be. Still, is looks like she has another special someone in her life - a 10-month-old pup named Tucker.

According to, Pickler's newly adopted pooch has already left quite the paw print on her life.

"Looks like there is an addition to the family," the former American Idol contestant wrote on her Twitter account Thursday. "Keeping my sister's 10 month old Weimaraner puppy. This is one big pup."

According to the news source, Pickler is already mom to dogs Pixie, Maddie and MooMoo, as well as a snake named Boots. Not so surprisingly, the bubbly blonde is quite the animal rescue enthusiast.

"If I see a dog sitting anywhere on the road I'm going to put him on the bus and try to find him a home," she recently told the news source.

According to, Weimaraners are a moderately large working dog. They have cheerful dispositions and are wonderful with children.

However, those who are thinking about adopting a canine such as this should make sure they have the appropriate living quarters. Weimaraners need plenty of exercise and may even enjoy running free for long periods of time.
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