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Kids get creative to help rescue shelter raise money and care for animals

The Humane Society of Knox County in Thomaston, Maine, is being helped by some pint-sized philanthropists, reports the Herald Gazette.

Mikayla Peasley from Thomaston is a fifth-grader who enlisted the help of her friends to make hand-crafted decorations which they sold to raise money to give to the shelter.

Sixth-grader Taylor Ingraham, from Union, earned money by helping pet owners care for their animals. Ingraham used the money to buy toys, catnip, litter and food for the animals at the Humane Society shelter.

The Humane Society of Knox County cares for homeless and unwanted animals, and participates in local advocacy. It does not euthanize animals to minimize space or because of time, according to its website.

Organizations like the Humane Society of Knox County provide opportunities for many people to find pets to love.

According to the National Council on Pet Population Study & Policy, more than 2 million dogs and 1 million cats were adopted in America in 1997 and pet ownership continues to grow. In 1998, 56 percent of American households owned a pet, and in 2008 the number increased to 62 percent.
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