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Kitten rescued from storm drain

Three kittens were found in a storm drain near Park Tudor School in Indianapolis recently, NBC affiliate WTHR News 13 reports. A group of teachers and other school staff members along with local plumbers were able to rescue one.

School librarian Susanne Russell tried to coax the kittens out after she and other staff members saw that a feral cat they had been trying to catch had given birth to kittens, which were hiding in the pipe.

"All of the sudden I looked up on Monday and I saw this little ball of fur - kitten - and I thought the mommy kitty was dead. And I stepped right there and three babies just jumped right into the pipe," Barb Skelton of Park Tudor told the news outlet.

When the staff members' attempts to lure the kittens out were unsuccessful, they called Gordon's Plumbing. The plumbers were able to run a sewer camera down the pipe and saw one of the kittens walking around. They dug a hole near the camera to cut the pipe and rescued the kitten, RTV6 News reports. 
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