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Kitten rescued on afternoon hike

The Junior Woman's Club of Sparta, New Jersey, recently organized an afternoon hike in Sparta Glen when the group stumbled upon an abandoned kitten.

According to The Sparta Times, the group of women and children spotted the little feline cowering beneath a picnic table. The kids tried coaxing the kitty out from under the table, but had no luck. They searched to see if any other kittens or hikers were on the trail but came up empty-handed. One parent, Judy Ring, didn't want to just leave the poor thing out there alone in the woods at night so she scooped it up.

One of Ring's neighbors works with One Step Closer Animal Rescue so she brought it to them. They filed all of the necessary police paperwork just to make sure no one had reported a missing kitten.

There is a happy ending for the little furball. After staying at the rescue shelter for a few days, it was adopted and now is safe and warm in a new home.

According to the Humane Society, between six and eight million cats and dogs enter shelters every year in the United States.
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