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Kitten saved from chain fence by prison inmate

A kitten was recently saved by an inmate at the Gowanda Correctional Facility in upstate New York, according to

Stephen Pierce, a cat lover completing his sentence at the institution, found the feline and the rest of its litter in the prison yard one afternoon. It wasn't long before the convict formed a bond with the animal.

"Every time we talked, he had a new story about how he held the cat, played with the cat, that the cat was being more friendly," Pierce's wife, Michelle, told the news outlet.

However, one morning, Pierce found the kitten tangled up in a fence, with some of the wire going through his little paws. Luckily, after undergoing surgery, the animal is expected to make a full recovery.

"The cat is doing wonderful," Michelle told the news outlet. "He is a little fireball. A great, great cat."

There is an even happier ending to the story - Michelle has welcomed the little feline, now named Rocky, into her home. Also, the other kittens from his litter have been adopted by correctional officers at the facility.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, between six to eight million dogs and cats are cared for by shelters every year.
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