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Kitten stuck in wheel arch of car survives harrowing drive

A kitten who became lodged in the wheel arch of a man's car is lucky to have survived after the owner of the automobile drove from Hamilton to Huntly, New Zealand, unaware that the feline was stuck, according to the Waikato Times.

Stephen Parker was driving his company's car on Tuesday, January 11. It was the first time the car had been used in two weeks, and everything seemed to be going well until, on his return trip, Parker heard a cat meow.

"I heard a kitten cry around Gordonton. I Stopped to see if I could find it, opened the bonnet but couldn't see anything so presumed it had run away," he told the news source.

When he arrived back at his office, he heard the cat meow again, and called a mechanic. The specialist was able to find the kitty stuck in the right front wheel arch. The feline was unharmed, and was fortunately adopted by the receptionist at Parker's company.

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