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Lack of license for dogs hurts families, shelters

Many pet owners in Norman, Oklahoma, are not purchasing annual licenses for their canines, posing problems when pets get lost and keeping important revenue from the Norman animal shelter, which receives funding from the fee.

According to the Norman Transcript, there are an estimated 29,610 dogs and 34,925 cats living in Norman homes, yet only 1,974 pet licenses have been purchased, despite the fact that pet licensing is required by law. The city code states that all persons must pay the annual fee for any cat or dog over the age of 6 months, and the tags cost $16 per year.

Pet licenses are crucial to reuniting pets with their owners, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). In New York City and many other places across the country it is required by law. In Norman, the policy not only helps keep pets and owners together, it provides revenue to the animal rescue shelter, the news source reports.

Shelter director John Bowman told the news source that the main point of the policy is to reunite pets and owners, but City Council member Roger Gallagher wants to find ways to enforce the rule to provide more funding to the shelter.  
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