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Lions rescued from circus in Bolivia to find new homes in U.S.

A group of 25 circus lions were recently rescued from where they were being kept in Bolivia. The big cats will be relocated to the U.S., where they will be taken into an environment much more suitable for wildlife, according to

"These animals who for years knew only a small, cramped cage will have freedom to roam, run and play," Jan Creamer, president of Animal Defenders International (ADI), told the news source. "We have to be focused on keeping them safe and secure whilst building up their strength and health to be ready for the move to the United States."

Creamer is in Bolivia with other animal rescue workers from ADI and will be overseeing the airlift of the lions to their new home at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Denver. The new habitat consists of 80 acres and features lakes and grassland similar to the lions' natural habitat.

The ADI is also working with the Bolivian government to ban animal circuses in the nation.

According to National Geographic, lions are the only felines that live in groups in the wild. While the males are charged with defending their home area, it's the females who do the majority of the hunting.
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