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Local shelter teaches kids how to be humane

Children in the Anderson, California, region learned how to interact with dogs at Haven Humane Society's Camp Love A Pet recently, KHSLTV reports. The camp aims to teach children manners around dogs while also teaching dogs at the shelter how to behave around people, making them more adoptable.

"They get to come in and have a lot of fun but they are also going this for the animal," Krista Korenko, dog trainer at the camp from Haven Humane, told the news source. "Their goal is to go out and get the animal adopted."

The campers learned how to read the body language of a dog and how a dog reads their body language. They learned not to look a dog in the eye, and to stand still with arms to their sides if a dog runs up to them.

Working with the dogs at the shelter, the children teach them manners while also learning themselves. In addition, they learn good morals about the animals so they can go out and spread the word about spaying, neutering and animal rescue initiatives. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals reports that children can begin interacting with pets when they are infants to foster strong bonds and humane habits. 
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