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Local shelter to help animals with low-cost spay/neuter service

Spaying and neutering pets is important to help animals by combating pet overpopulation, but the procedure can be expensive. That is why the Fox Valley Humane Association in Appleton, Wisconsin, is offering the procedure for free this month under a new program, the Post Crescent reports.

The animal rescue shelter is offering the service to the first 50 cats and dogs of owners who qualify. To qualify, the family's household income cannot exceed $17,500 a year and each eligible family cannot submit more than two pets for the free procedure.

This beneficial service is made possible by $2,500 grant the shelter received from the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region. With more donations, shelter workers say they will be able to continue this service.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals reports that spaying and neutering pets provides a number of benefits to the animals themselves, in addition to reducing pet overpopulation that leads to euthanizations in shelters across the country. Sterilization offers pets protection from testicular and breast cancer, and will prevent male dogs from roaming away from home and developing territorial behavioral problems. 
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