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Mallard duck saved from snowy airport

While holiday revelers were certainly happy to see a white Christmas last weekend, it looks as though the snowy weather turned out to be quite the problem for one animal.

According to the Worthing Herald, a female mallard duck was rescued from Gatwick airport in London. The winged creature was found lying dormant on a runway and was unable to fly.

After calling the Worthing & District Animal (WADARS) for advice, airport staff member Carol Tibbets took the animal to the Snowy to Grove Lodge Veterinary Hospital. It was there that the bird had the chance to rest and recuperate and was even shuttled over to the Brent Lodge in Chichester for further attention.

Now renamed Snowy, the duck is soon expected to be given a clean bill of health.

"Thanks to the prompt action of the concerned staff at Gatwick Airport, Snowy the mallard should make a full recovery and soon be flying again," Tony Thorn from WADARS told the news outlet.

According to its website, the WADRS was founded in 1969 and since then has been dedicated to helping wildlife in the area and finding homes for domestic animals in need.
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