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Man reunited with service dog after pit bull ban

After being separated from his service dog in December, a disabled, retired Chicago police officer was reunited with the pit bull mix, Snickers, NBC Chicago reports.

James Sak, 65, had owned Snickers since a stroke in 2008 left him confined to a wheelchair and without feeling in the right side of his body. But when his town of Aurelia, Iowa, put a ban in place on the pit bull breed, he lost his companion. After the ban was passed by the city council, Sak had to send his service dog to a boarding facility outside the city.

However, a federal judge in Iowa ruled in favor of an injunction to allow Sak to be reunited with Snickers.

"Today I got my peace of mind back," Sak, a Vietnam veteran, told the news source. "I hope that nobody else has to go through what we went through."

Breed-specific legislation like that passed in Iowa is surprisingly common, according to Pit Bull Rescue Central. These laws, often referred to as breed discrimination, are not sufficient to solve problems with dog violence for a number of reasons, the organization reports. 
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