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Many flowering plants face extinction

Researchers at McGill University and Imperial College London are suggesting that guidelines for risk assessment of endangered plants be modified, according to a new report from Red Orbit.

"The IUCN is doing an important job, but we may need to think of ways to fine tune the implementation of 'Red List' criteria for rapid assessments of threat – a daunting task that might prove even more pressing given the changes we see in our global environment," said Vincent Savolainen, who works at Imperial College London as well as Kew Gardens in New York, the news source reports.

The research was supported by the Darwin Initiative, the Royal Society of the U.K. and the European Research Council. The scientists looked at DNA sequences of plants and compared the limited numbers of young species as well as those of endangered species.

According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service official website, an initiative has recently been launched to improve implementation efforts connected with the Endangered Species Act. Many animals and plants need to be saved, at a faster pace. Much can be done to quicken the pace at which threatened species are saved.
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