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Massachusetts woman rescued nearly 100 wild animals after Tropical Storm Irene

Irene may have been downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm by the time it reached New England, but that doesn't mean that the storm didn't take its toll. While many people went about cleaning up felled trees and fixing up their homes after Irene passed, Loril Moondream was busy tending to the hundreds of wild animals that were injured or left without homes after the storm, according to The Associated Press.

"People don't think about the wild animals because they are dealing with such loss and devastation themselves, but it happened," Moondream told the news source. "You can see a home that's been destroyed, but most of us don't see when a nest or a burrow is destroyed."

Moondream founded the nonprofit wildlife rehabilitation center Medicine Mammals in Wendell, Massachusetts, and she said that she has taken in about 100 animals in the wake of Irene. She told the publication that the animal rescue center helped about 300 wild creatures last year and has already treated more than 500 this year.
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