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Miami gets new dog park

Things just got a little brighter for four-legged residents of Miami, Florida. According to the Miami Herald, a new dog park just opened in the city.

Haulover Dog Park will now allow pooches of every shape and size to run around and stay in shape.

"The park means a lot to Mollie," Hal Richman, the owner of a Golden Retriever, told the news outlet. "All big dogs need to be exercised."

The news space features 3.3 acres and permits dogs to roam free without a leash. The project was funded by the Safe Neighborhood Park and Building Better Communities and cost $175,000 to complete.

Miami-Dade Commissioner Sally Heyman, whose chocolate Labrador Andy was already enjoying the new space, believes it's money well spent.

"There are so many cities and unincorporated areas around here with condominiums and there are dogs that don't have their own backyard," she told the news outlet. "This makes it everyone's backyard."

According to, dogs who engage in a daily exercise routine are less likely to exhibit hyper or destructive behavior.
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