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Military service dogs continue to help after retirement

Military Working Dogs (MWDs) spend their lives saving humans, whether sniffing out drugs or bombs or patrolling bases. Some continue helping out even after they retire, serving as therapy dogs to soldiers who suffer from mental illness or brain injury after serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, the El Paso Times reports.

Bino is one such dog, according to the news source. A 13-year-old Dutch shepherd, Bino worked for 11 years in the Army, stationed at several bases across the country and in Iraq. Now, he and his owner visit Fort Bliss in Texas three or four times each week to teach other dogs to be service animals for those with post traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury or severe depression.

Debbie Kandoll, who adopted Bino when he retired from the Army, has been training dogs and horses for these services for most of her life, she told the news source. She said that the average MWD saves 150 soldiers during their service, but they have the capacity to save more after they retire.

Kandoll started giving free training sessions at Fort Bliss in October 2009, and now partners with Paws of Honor, an organization started by one of her students, Sergeant Paul Jeffers.
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