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More information surfaces about the Zanesville exotic pet escape

As investigations continue, more information on Terry Thompson and his exotic animal collection emerges. The Zanesville, Ohio, man recently set 56 wild animals loose before fatally shooting himself. Since they were set loose at night, law officers were forced to shoot and kill many of the escaped animals, which included 18 Bengal tigers, out of fear that they might have otherwise harmed people. They had to put down 48 animals, one monkey is suspected to have been eaten by one of the lions, and the remaining seven creatures were captured and taken to the Columbus Zoo, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The latest information to surface about Thompson and his extensive collection of exotic creatures is how he came to be their caretaker. In some cases, he traded guns for pets, while other animals were brought to him and his home became an unofficial animal shelter.

"Once you have an exotic animal, you're somewhat tagged as someone who will take unwanted or abandoned animals, an that's how it grew," Thompson said in a deposition when the government attempted to seize 133 of his weapons a few years ago, according to the news source.
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