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Munchkin the pug finds a new happy home

It looks like there's a happy ending for a pug with special needs. According to NECN News, Munchkin, a pup who lost the ability to move her hind legs, has now found a happy home.

Stephanie Tilton and Paula Blanchard from Littleton, Massachusetts, have adopted the spunky pup and are thrilled to welcome her into their family. They spotted Munchkin when the news source first reported on her condition and filmed her running around while dragging a wheelbarrow behind her.

"You can't not watch that clip and be in awe and amazed," Tilton told the news outlet. "And she just draws you in, she clearly has a big personality."

Munchkin will join four other cats who are also members of the family. And, it appears as though she's going to be in great hands.

"We've got a whole community of people in Littleton who are ready to meet her with open arms," Tilton told the news outlet.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, between six to seven million animals are cared for in shelters every year.
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