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Neko Cafe? Kawaii!

You're far, far from home, in a strange city, perhaps living out of a hotel which, while not bad per se, is just not the same.  You miss the little things.  The cup of coffee from a place that makes it just right, the comfort of your furniture and your family - not to mention your cat.  What's a cat-deprived traveler to do?

A growing trend that answers that question has spread from East Asian cities into European cities as diverse as Vienna, Paris, and maybe even London The Neko Café.  "Neko" is the Japanese word for cat, and these Neko Cafés host more than just warm drinks and pastries.  They also provide the comfort of feline companionship for folks away from home, living in apartments that don't allow pets, or those who just need a cat pick-me-up.

Neko Cafés are a definite part of the Japanese kawaii (cute) culture, which also helped spawn Hello Kitty and Pokemon.  More cats.  Who can resist?

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