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New South Carolina animal shelter needs volunteers

A new animal shelter in Anderson, South Carolina, is set to open to the public on April 28 and is in need of volunteers and anyone wishing to help in its animal rescue mission, according to a recent report from the Independent Mail.

The Anderson County Animal Shelter is actively seeking out those who would be able to offer a steady presence and volunteer schedule.

The new shelter is the result of a $3.2 million rebuilding effort, with land donated by Carole Glenn and her husband, Michael. Glenn serves as the Committee Chairman for the animal shelter advisory team.

The new building will be twice as big as the old one, which will be converted to a low-cost spaying and neutering clinic.

Animal spaying and neutering is highly recommended for dogs and cats. The practice can lower already abundant animal populations and decrease the need to euthanize animals who are unable to find a home. It can also reduce incidences of animal cancer, according to recent reports.

Animal shelters are often in need of household items such as old towels, blankets and newspapers. There are multiple ways to help an animal shelter, including volunteering.  
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