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New York's Algonquin Hotel introduces new resident feline

Those who decide to stay at New York's Algonquin Hotel are likely to meet a rather surprising staff member - a cat named Matilda. The famous tourist location has had a feline act as "Directfurr of Guest Relations" for more than 80 years.

MSNBC reports that the incumbent cat on duty, Matilda II, has retired from her position at the hotel, paving the way for her successor, Matilda III, to take over. The animal is responsible for greeting customers and posing for souvenir photos. Her notoriety is likely to go worldwide.

"On average, there are three to four a day from around the world, and I respond to them all," Alice de Almeida, Matilda II's executive assistant, told the news outlet. "Guests often write to the cat when they get home as if they’re corresponding with a friend."

The new resident feline was adopted from the North Shore Animal League in Washington, N.Y. and has big shoes to fill - Matilda II worked at the hotel for more than 13 years.

According to its website, the North Shore Animal League is the world's largest no-kill animal shelter and adoption organization.
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