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New camera designed to snap picture-perfect pet photos

Taking home a new kitten or puppy is likely to inspire the shutterbug in anyone. New pet owners, like new parents, often feel compelled to document all of the doings of the latest addition to their family.

But, as animal lovers know, growing pets move fast - and they never, ever want to look at the camera! Trying to snap a photo of your pet oftentimes can be an exercise in frustration.

But, pet owners can now rejoice.

FujiFilm is now offering the Finepix Z700, a new model that can recognize both canine and feline faces, and snap the picture when they look at the camera, according to

However, it seems that it's easier for the camera to catch pictures of certain breeds of dogs, and lighter-colored animals.

For dog owners, popular breeds like beagles, Chihuahuas and golden retrievers are among those which will work well with the gadget, and American shorthair and Main Coon cats will be especially photogenic.

The camera costs approximately $280 and boasts a 3.5 inch screen.
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