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New cell phone service tracks dogs

Tech-savvy owners can now locate their lost dog using their cell phone, thanks to new devices like the Pet Tracker by Tagg, The Star reports.

Tagg's Pet Tracker uses GPS tracking technology that allows you to see where your dog is at all times and be notified if it wanders off or goes somewhere it is not supposed to, according to the product's website. A clip attaches to the pet's collar that coordinates with a "Tagg zone" that the owner sets up, which would include the pet's normal whereabouts. The pet's location can be viewed on a smart phone or online.

The device sells for $199 including one year of free service, then will cost $60 per year on the Verizon network, the news source reports.

"It's really kind of an insurance policy or peace of mind," says Dudley Fetzer, senior director of sales and marketing for Snaptracs Inc.

The Pet Tracker is not the only GPS system being designed to keep track of pets. Pet Check Technology is another product that is now on the market that will allow an owner to track whether their dog walker actually walked the dog. It is currently being marketed to dog walking businesses but may be available to the general public in the future.  
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