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New rescue vehicle at Essex fire department designed for big animals

Firefighters at the Essex County Fire and Rescue Service will now be able to lift up to 7,165 pounds using a new large animal rescue equipment unveiled recently, according to the BBC.

The new vehicle has a crane designed to support large animals in case they are hurt or trapped and in need of rescue.

In 2010, the firefighters at Essex rescued 150 animal in seven months and according to the station officer, Toby Ingham, animal rescues are likely to become even more common. As Ingham explains, sometimes animals are involved in vehicular accidents.

"It will make it safer for the crews involved and it will make the successful rescue of the animal much more likely. ...Not just in the rural environment, but it's becoming more and more common to have fire crews turning out to an incident on the M25 or M11 where you've had horses or horse boxes involved in road traffic collisions," Ingham told the news source.

Firefighters are known to rescue animals ranging from cats in trees to dogs from burning homes. In the post-quake rubble following the recent Japanese earthquake, firefighters were involved in countless animal rescue operations.
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