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New wildlife center opens at a Pennsylvania state park

Wildlife lovers in the northeast may want to plan a trip to the newly opened Wildlife Center in Cameron County, Pennsylvania. The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources just opened the center at Sinnemahoning State Park, where guests can come to learn about all of the animals living in the park, such as bald eagles, bobcats and coyotes.

"It was easy to pick a name for our new facility at Sinnemahoning State Park," said DCNR Secretary Richard Allan at the official opening ceremony. "With so many opportunities in the park to watch wildlife - from bears and eagles, to otters and a small elk population - it couldn't be anything other than 'The Wildlife Center'. Our new center will help educate visitors about regional wildlife watching opportunities and photography, conservation history and stewardship practices, and provide creative ideas for exploration of this unique and rugged section of Pennsylvania."

The 1,900-acre animal site is well-suited to accommodate all of the creatures living there, and the Wildlife Center has a classroom where animal lovers can learn ways to help animals and preserve their environments.
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