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No-kill cat shelter filled to the brim

The Cat Protection Society in Eustis, Florida, is desperate to find families for the cats in their shelter, whose number recently grew to an unmanageble size, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

The facility was at capacity with 350 cats, but the recent rescue of 16 more felines pushed it over its self-imposed limit. Now, the shelter will not be able to accept animals from families or other shelters until next year, the news source reports.

The workers had no choice but to take the felines in. Three kittens were left in a cardboard box on the shelter's doorstep on Tuesday, while 13 Himalayan cats were deposited there to graze on the property, where coyotes have been known to roam. All of the cats have been doing well, the shelter reports, though some showed signs of motherhood.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals reports that overcrowding in shelters is one reason all pet owners should get their animal spayed or neutered to prevent reproduction. Unplanned litters often end up on the streets, euthanized, or forcing shelters to accommodate them, adding to the millions of homeless pets in the U.S.
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