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Noah the cat wins website's biggest loser competition

The new season of The Biggest Loser recently premiered, paving the way for weeks of exciting television. However, it looks as though a few animal bloggers got into the weight-loss spirit weeks ago. reports that the Nu Campaign to Fight Pet Obesity campaign, spearheaded by Nulo pet foods, wrapped up this week with one standout winner - a 7-year-old cat named Noah. The company originally challenged nine bloggers to have their pets take part in the competition.

"I was surprised, because I was following the other pets' blogs, and they all took off like lightning," Vicki Boatright, the feline's owner, told the news outlet. "Noah was the slowest one [initially losing just .2 lbs. per week], but knowing that this ended up with him as the biggest loser was gratifying."

The brown and black cat dropped from 20 to 17 pounds, which means he shed 15 percent of his body weight.

The Pet Health Care Gazette reports that pet obesity can lead to heart problems, arthritis and heat stroke in animals. 
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